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Halloween Wigs: How to Fix and Wear a Synthetic Hair Wig

Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you picked out a costume months in advance or are waiting for an idea you hit you at the last minute, a wig might be the finishing touch. This is the best time of year to buy costume wigs because there are a lot of options and they are cheap. Let’s be honest though; most of these cheap wigs don’t come out of the package looking like the gorgeous, finished hair on the model in the picture. In reality the wig could come out tangled, frizzy and generally resemble a sort of hot mess. Don’t freak out though. With proper care, your $8 wig can actually look pretty awesome. Just follow these simple tips and you can end up with really fun and well-styled hair this Halloween.

1. If your wig comes out frizzy and tangled wash and/or condition it. I suggest using a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically design for synthetic hair. (If you don’t have one, a gentle, regular shampoo and conditioner will likely also do the job.)

Wig Shampoo from Sally’s Beauty Supply $8.99. Reduces static and increases manageability.

This spray in conditioner will de-tangle, add shine and generally re-vamp your synthetic hair wig. This spray is at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $8.99 and could be used with it’s partner shampoo (above) or alone after rinsing the wig.

2.) To ensure that your wig will set nicely as it dries, use a wig stand. These are pretty cheap and will make a big difference because your wig will dry faster and you can set it exactly how you want, so it doesn’t dry misshapen from being bent or flat on one side.

This wig stand retails for $6.99 online, which we suggest because they may be tricky to find in stores.


3. Gently brush your wig from ends upward to detangle, being careful not to pull hair out of the base. You may lose some hair and this is normal, but careless brushing can tear the hair and make your wig look pretty bad. You might find it easier to brush your wig while it is wet, after you have put some conditioner on it.

Using a special wig brush can make brushing easier and help maintain your wig. If you don’t want to use a wig brush, that’s okay too! Most brushes will work.

4. DO NOT use heat on synthetic hair. A curling or flat iron will burn and melt your wig. You will probably be safe with using a blow-dryer ONLY if your blow dryer has a cool setting (so again, no heat). If you need to spruce up the style – wash and condition it, brush it out and set it how you want, then set it on a wig stand to dry.

5.¬†Wearing a wig cap can help keep all your hair underneath the wig in place. That way no random pieces will be sticking out from under your wig. These are really cheap and worth it if you are wearing a wig. They can be bought online and found in stores (a Sally’s Beauty Supply near you will likely carry them.)


Curl Talk: How to Fix Frizzy, Dry, Curly Hair

If you find yourself stressing over your curls – stop! Seriously. Stop. Embrace your curls. Work with them, not against them. Working with your natural texture will save you a ton of time in up-keeping high-maintenance hair. There are however things that you can and should do to keep that natural texture looking its best. Read on to see my top tips for curly girls.

1. This is one that surprises people sometimes… Don’t shampoo your hair everyday! While keeping your hair and scalp clean is important, you do not need to shampoo your hair everyday to achieve this. Over-shampooing can dry your hair out. If you are used to shampooing everyday, I suggest switching to every other. How often you should shampoo depends mostly on your hair type and how dry your hair is. I have many clients who have reported shampooing 1-2 times a week to elicit the best results for their curly hair. Need to wet your hair to style it? Try rinsing and conditioning only on off-days.

2. If you use hard or well water, get a Malibu treatment or try using a Ion Crystal Clarifying treatment once a month or so to purify the hair and remove build-up. Even if you don’t have hard water or well water, this can be a great thing to do occasionally to deep clean you hair.

3. Moisturize! Make sure that you are using a moisture rich conditioner. If your hair is really dry, you should be using a deep moisturizing treatment at least once every 2 weeks.

4. Don’t blow-dry your hair 100% regularly. If you are up for spending some time on your style then go for it; otherwise, I recommend using a diffuser and only drying the hair about 80% or letting it air dry completely when you can.

5. Invest in good products! If you’re not sure what to use, ask your stylist to recommend a product for you. Your curl-type will determine what product is best for you. For instance if your hair is frizzy and very curly, you may need a straightening creme balm to smooth frizz and soften/define your curls. If your hair is fine and/or your curls tend to fall flat, you might want to try a bodifying creme-mousse like Redken’s Aerate.

6. To make your hair look polished without spending hours on it, try curling a few random pieces with a curling iron. Don’t worry about sectioning the hair or anything. Just grab some medium sized chunks and curl, working mostly around the face and top. These will blend in well with your other curls and give your style a very finished look. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes!

Redken’s Ringlet is one of our favorite products for curly hair! (Click the image to learn more.)