Short Haircuts and Short Hairstyle Ideas for Spring/Summer 2013

I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready for spring! I have seen a huge trend for short hair coming in, and if you are thinking about losing your locks, now is the time. There are currently tons of super cute short hairstyles trending. If you have never had a short haircut, here are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind…

1.) Hair cut chin length or shorter can’t be pulled back into a pony-tail; so, if hair on your neck will bother you in the summer, go really short or keep it long enough to pull back.

2.) Anytime you make a drastic change with your haircut, you will need to change how you style it. You will also probably need new products to make your new short hairstyle look right, so be sure to ask your stylist about  the right at-home regimen.

Here is some great short hairstyle inspiration for a Spring/Summer 2013 short haircut… Enjoy! ūüôā

Pixie Anne Hathatway Short Hair Hairstyle

Anne Hathaway plays up this short haircut by varying her hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham keeps this short hairstyle edgy and feminine. Longer hair around the face can add playful femininity.

Victoria Beckham keeps this short hairstyle edgy and feminine. Longer hair around the face can add playful femininity.

Ashlee Simpson's short hair cut is just long enough to tuck behind the ears to play up the hairstyle.

Ashlee Simpson’s short hair cut is just long enough to tuck behind the ears to play up the hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus' short haircut has definitely gotten a lot of "buzz". Not everyone can pull this short hairstyle off, but if you are looking for something edgy and bold, I say go for it!

Miley Cyrus’ short haircut has definitely gotten a lot of “buzz”. Not everyone can pull this short hairstyle off, but if you are looking for something edgy and bold, I say go for it!

I just love this sassy, side-swept, super short hairstyle.
I just love this sassy, side-swept, super short hairstyle.
A side-swept, asymmetrical, short haircut is fun, edgy, pretty and looks great on most face shapes.

A side-swept, asymmetrical, short haircut is fun, edgy, pretty and looks great on most face shapes.

This forward-sweeping, wispy bang is fun, but make sure it will work with your face and hair before you have it cut. This particulat short haircut can look mushroom-y on the wrong person.

This forward-sweeping, wispy bang is fun, but make sure it will work with your face and hair before you have it cut. This particular short haircut can look mushroom-y on the wrong person.

Not ready for a short-short haircut? A short bob is always in style. This cut can be styled soft and voluminous (as seen on Cameron Diaz) or piecey (like on Kristen Cavallari).

Not ready for a short-short haircut? A short bob is always in style. This cut can be styled soft and voluminous (as seen on Cameron Diaz) or playful and piecey (like on Kristen Cavallari).


Halloween Wigs: How to Fix and Wear a Synthetic Hair Wig

Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you picked out a costume months in advance or are waiting for an idea you hit you at the last minute, a wig might be the finishing touch. This is the best time of year to buy costume wigs because there are a lot of options and they are cheap. Let’s be honest though; most of these cheap wigs don’t come out of the package looking like the gorgeous, finished hair on the model in the picture. In reality the wig could come out tangled, frizzy and generally resemble a sort of hot mess. Don’t freak out though. With proper care, your $8 wig can actually look pretty awesome. Just follow these simple tips and you can end up with really fun and well-styled hair this Halloween.

1. If your wig comes out frizzy and tangled wash and/or condition it. I suggest using a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically design for synthetic hair. (If you don’t have one, a gentle, regular shampoo and conditioner will likely also do the job.)

Wig Shampoo from Sally’s Beauty Supply $8.99. Reduces static and increases manageability.

This spray in conditioner will de-tangle, add shine and generally re-vamp your synthetic hair wig. This spray is at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $8.99 and could be used with it’s partner shampoo (above) or alone after rinsing the wig.

2.) To ensure that your wig will set nicely as it dries, use a wig stand. These are pretty cheap and will make a big difference because your wig will dry faster and you can set it exactly how you want, so it doesn’t dry misshapen from being bent or flat on one side.

This wig stand retails for $6.99 online, which we suggest because they may be tricky to find in stores.


3. Gently brush your wig from ends upward to detangle, being careful not to pull hair out of the base. You may lose some hair and this is normal, but careless brushing can tear the hair and make your wig look pretty bad. You might find it easier to brush your wig while it is wet, after you have put some conditioner on it.

Using a special wig brush can make brushing easier and help maintain your wig. If you don’t want to use a wig brush, that’s okay too! Most brushes will work.

4. DO NOT use heat on synthetic hair. A curling or flat iron will burn and melt your wig. You will probably be safe with using a blow-dryer ONLY if your blow dryer has a cool setting (so again, no heat). If you need to spruce up the style – wash and condition it, brush it out and set it how you want, then set it on a wig stand to dry.

5.¬†Wearing a wig cap can help keep all your hair underneath the wig in place. That way no random pieces will be sticking out from under your wig. These are really cheap and worth it if you are wearing a wig. They can be bought online and found in stores (a Sally’s Beauty Supply near you will likely carry them.)

Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shoot: Updos and Bridal Hair Styles

Check out what went on behind-the-scenes at our most recent shoot that featured updos and bridal hair styles. We had so much fun working with our awesome photographer and lovely models. Enjoy!

Model gift bags, tons of make-up, hairspray, bobbypins, and snack-time ūüôā

Getting started… a lot of lacing/teasing was necessary to give this look volume and hold.

Fishtail Braid!

Stylist Erin getting model MaKayla’s hair ready for the shoot

Sittin’ pretty

Stylist/Maku-up artist Monica with model Christine

We think Monica looks like a model herself in this one!

Finishing touches to set this bird-cage veil in place. We used a small piece of fabric and a some peacock feathers to make our own birdcage veil for this shoot. We grouped the fabric together at the base, pinned it all in place, and then added the feather to finish the look.

Behine-the-scenes with photographer, Margot Roudebush and model, Christine.

We just LOVE how this smooth, polished bridal hair style turned out. So classic!

How to Tell if Bangs are Right: The Bang Quiz!

Bang Quiz: What Bangs are Best??? 

1.) I have a high forehead.

a) Yes. My forehead (from the hairline to the brow) is greater than equal distance when compared to the length from my brow to nose and nose to chin.

b) Actually, I have a short/low forehead. The distance from my hairline to brow is less than the length from my brow to nose and nose to chin.

c) No. My forehead is pretty average in size.

2.) I would describe my chin and/or nose as strong or prominent.

a) No. My chin and/or nose are not large/prominent features.

b) Yes.

3.) My face shape is wide.

a) No. My face is average width.

b) Yes. I would like to find a style that narrows my face.

c) No. My face shape is narrow or long.

If you answered all A’s: you are a good candidate for straight across bangs.

If you answered all B’s: you are a good¬†candidate¬†for side-swept bangs.

If your face shape is not too wide or too narrow and your forehead is not tall or short, then it is likely that you could pull off a wide variety of bang options from a full bang to no bang.

You may not have answered all A’s or all B’s though. That’s OK! In efforts to make things a little clearer, I am going to break down why I put each question in the quiz and give you some things to consider when thinking about what type of bangs to get. I strongly suggest asking your stylist at your next appointment. He/She will know best how to give you the most customized answer to this question.

The Break-Down: 

1.) High/Low Forehead: Side-swept bangs help to elongate a low forehead. Heavier bangs (like a straight-across bang or a full coverage sweep) help to conceal taller foreheads. If your forehead is average in height you will likely have more options when it comes to choosing your bangs.

2.) Strong/Prominent Chin or Nose: A full or straight across bang can emphasize a strong chin or nose. If this is already a prominent feature it may not be flattering. I would suggest a side-swept bang if you have a large nose and/or chin. However if you do not have a prominent nose or chin, you may be able to pull off a full bang.

3.)   Wide Face Shape: A side-swept bang will help to narrow a wider face. Straight across bangs and middle parts do not typically flatter wider face shapes. If you have an average to narrow face, a side part and/or sweeping bang will likely be a flattering choice.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s side swept long faux-bang elongates a shorter forehead.

Hayden Panettiere’s middle part is less flattering for a wider face shape. A sweeping side bang or wispy full bang is a much better choice.

See the difference? Christina Ricci has a tall forehead. Full-coverage bangs are a much better choice.

Blunt bangs are edgy and add or emphasize definition and structure to the face.

There are several factors to consider when trying to choose the best bangs for your face shape. So feel free to ask questions and look for more article to come on this topic!

Summer Hair Trend 2012: Slicked Back Wet Look

There are several styles trending this summer in hair; but one that has caught my attention is the slicked back wet look. Variations of this style hit the runways hard for spring/summer 2012 collections. Initially, I was a little turned off by some of the more severely sleeked and wet looking styles. While there are definitely those who can pull off an extreme wet look, I would like to focus on some slightly more subdued ways that this trend can inspire everyday wearable styles. So here are some do’s and don’t’s to guide you…


1. Over-do it by using too much product (such as gel or oil). This can make your hair look greasy and/or be unflattering.

Heidi Klum’s extremely wet-looking style, is not for everyone. Over-doing it can end up looking greasy and unkempt.

Another extreme wet-look that may not be for everyone…


1. Use a light gel, oil, or balm.

2. Tousle the hair for a beachy, messy look.

3. Lightly blow dry or air dry your hair when trying to achieve a stylish, wet-look with some volume.

I love this tousled, slick, wet, and mildly messy up-do.

¬†4. Try slicking some hair back on top and leaving hair down around your face as seen in the picture below. I think that this is a great way to pull off this trend: high-sheen and a slightly damp appearance (that doesn’t look drenched).

This sleek-look is both edgy and polished.

5. Play with texture. Beachy waves and volume are great for summer. The varying textures and sheen create added interest.

This wet and beachy style is another great way to play up the wet-look trend.

I love this more refined, slick style for a dressier occasion.

6. Try sleeking your hair back into a very polished pony or braid.

Wedding Hairstyles: Basics that Every Bride Should Consider

Wedding season is just around the corner! If you are a lucky bride-to-be, it’s likely that you have thought about wedding day hairstyles. Before you lock down your decision, be sure that you have considered these basics of wedding hair.

1.) Pictures – Consider how your hair will look in pictures. This is one that not every bride thinks of. For instance, you might choose an up-do that is¬†intricately gorgeous in the back, but simple in the front. For some brides, this style will be¬†covered¬†by the veil and look almost like a pony-tail from the front. Now, that’s not to say that a pony-tail wedding style can’t work, or that a swept-back up-do is bad. I just want you to consider these things so that you can choose the best style for your special day. If you want your style to be seen from the front, side-swept styles or styles in which at least some hair is left down usually photograph quite well from all angles.

This style is hidden completely by the veil. The back could be beautiful, but in most pictures you will not be able to see it.

Full bangs and a simple accessory are a great addition to a back-swept style and photograph very well. (You can purchase this accessory on Esty at


This cascading braid and side swept up-do photographed well from every angle.

2.) Veil – Do you plan to take the veil off at the reception? Will your style still look how you want it sans-veil? Also make sure you know how to take the veil off easily or have someone there to help.

3.) Accessories –¬†Accessories can be a great way to glam up any hairstyle. Tiaras are no longer the go-to wedding accessory. Today there are accessories to custom fit every style. Sites like can be a great way to find unique, custom-made, wedding accessories. Check out¬†¬†for tons of wedding accessory ideas.

While Kim K. may not be a the best relationship role model, she never disappoints in the fashion department. Her glamorous, yet tasteful, jeweled accessories are trendy but simple, giving the look a classic quality.

4.) Fleeting Fads – I always advise brides to steer clear of trendy fads for wedding styles. I will never forget the wedding hair story told by a stylist I once worked with. She was so fashionable, so trendy, her hair was just perfect on her wedding day. Unfortunately that was in the 80’s. Now when she looks back at the teased mullet and¬†enormous sleeves, all she can do is laugh.¬†This does not mean that you can’t be fashionable, but just to consider fleeting fads and don’t over-do it. Remember that you will have these pictures forever. Will your wedding hair be as timeless as your photographs? If you find yourself feeling torn, I generally advise that brides err on the side of natural.

Keep in mind that this not-so-timeless style was once quite fashionable…

Kate Middleton’s more natural looking wedding hair however is sure to be just as gorgeous in years to come.

Remember that these are general guidelines. Everyone is different and what works for one bride may not for another. At the end of the day, if you are happy and you feel beautiful, that is all that matters. Hopefully this guide has given you some direction and been helpful in choosing your perfect wedding hair style.

Feel free to comment with any questions or additions.

Graduation Hairstyles: Styles that Work with a Graduation Cap

Graduation is fast approaching. You’ve worked hard to earn that cap and gown and probably want to look your best for all of pictures that people will be taking. Finding a hairstyle that works works with your graduation cap can be hard; but it isn’t impossible!¬†Check out these great styles that will finish your look and will work with your graduation cap!

The Side Pony

This style is simple, polished, and will still look great when you take your cap off. To re-create this look, curl the hair with a large curling iron and wrap into a side ponytail. We suggest taking a small section of hair and wrapping it around the base to finish the look and conceal the hair band.

This style also looks great with lots of curls and/or an added hair accessory like a simple flower, near the base.

To give this look some added interest you can also incorporate a braid by starting at the part and working down towards the base of the ponytail. (Be careful to avoid bulky braids that could get in the way after you put your cap on.)


Waves that start at the temples or lower work fabulously! As long as there is not a lot going on on the top of your head (ie: teasing, curling too high up), this style will look soft and pretty with or without the cap!


Braids may just be more popular than ever right now! And lucky for you, they can also work very well with a graduation cap. From tight and polished to messy and disheveled, your options are many.

This last one is a braided up-do option that would work well on short-medium hair lengths.