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Hair Crack: A Habit Forming Hair Fix Product

This Crack isn’t wack!

Ok, so I have to admit, when our sales rep first brought “Crack” into the salon I was definitely surprised by its name. This product has been getting a lot of attention lately from both the public and the press. After trying Crack, (yes, that will take some getting used to…) I can see why it is getting all this buzz. Obviously the name is bound to get some attention, but the product actually works. Crack is both a conditioning and a smoothing treatment in one.

What it Does:

            • Strengthens and repairs hair from the inside out.
            • Smooths hair
            • Adds shine
            • Reduces breakage by over 80%
            • Detangles hair
            • Protects hair from heat/thermal styling
            • Protects hair from the sun and chlorine

Crack does not build up on the hair and has no harsh chemicals. If you have ever called yourself a “product junkie” because you’ve accumulated so many products in the search for smooth and healthy hair… you can officially recover…. Crack will replace all of the product cocktails you may have tried. It transforms damaged, frizzy hair into smooth and healthy.

Crack Retails at Serenity Hair Design for 19.95

Crack in the Press (January 2012 issue)

If you have ever used Crack, feel free to comment and leave suggestions/tips! 🙂


Behind-the-Scenes Photo Shoot: Updos and Bridal Hair Styles

Check out what went on behind-the-scenes at our most recent shoot that featured updos and bridal hair styles. We had so much fun working with our awesome photographer and lovely models. Enjoy!

Model gift bags, tons of make-up, hairspray, bobbypins, and snack-time 🙂

Getting started… a lot of lacing/teasing was necessary to give this look volume and hold.

Fishtail Braid!

Stylist Erin getting model MaKayla’s hair ready for the shoot

Sittin’ pretty

Stylist/Maku-up artist Monica with model Christine

We think Monica looks like a model herself in this one!

Finishing touches to set this bird-cage veil in place. We used a small piece of fabric and a some peacock feathers to make our own birdcage veil for this shoot. We grouped the fabric together at the base, pinned it all in place, and then added the feather to finish the look.

Behine-the-scenes with photographer, Margot Roudebush and model, Christine.

We just LOVE how this smooth, polished bridal hair style turned out. So classic!