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Graduation Hairstyles: Styles that Work with a Graduation Cap

Graduation is fast approaching. You’ve worked hard to earn that cap and gown and probably want to look your best for all of pictures that people will be taking. Finding a hairstyle that works works with your graduation cap can be hard; but it isn’t impossible!¬†Check out these great styles that will finish your look and will work with your graduation cap!

The Side Pony

This style is simple, polished, and will still look great when you take your cap off. To re-create this look, curl the hair with a large curling iron and wrap into a side ponytail. We suggest taking a small section of hair and wrapping it around the base to finish the look and conceal the hair band.

This style also looks great with lots of curls and/or an added hair accessory like a simple flower, near the base.

To give this look some added interest you can also incorporate a braid by starting at the part and working down towards the base of the ponytail. (Be careful to avoid bulky braids that could get in the way after you put your cap on.)


Waves that start at the temples or lower work fabulously! As long as there is not a lot going on on the top of your head (ie: teasing, curling too high up), this style will look soft and pretty with or without the cap!


Braids may just be more popular than ever right now! And lucky for you, they can also work very well with a graduation cap. From tight and polished to messy and disheveled, your options are many.

This last one is a braided up-do option that would work well on short-medium hair lengths.


Hair Trends 2012: Wella Trend Vision 2012

I recently attended Wella’s Trend Vision 2012 class in Chicago. The class presented Wella’s projected tends for this year. Wella’s collection is an inspirational one that can be interpreted from Haute Couture to every-day, wearable looks. So read on as I recap and break down each trend.


This was probably my personal favorite trend from the collection. Grace is all about rich honey-beige blondes and silky shine. This look is classic, feminine, and oh-so-pretty! The picture above is one that I took during the class and shows some wearable options for this trend. I love the full bang and bouncy waves.


This 70’s-inspired trend uses rich dark colors and deep purples for a truly “scene-stealing” look. I really love this color combination. It looks great with the varying textures shown above, but would still be very wearable with sleek-straight locks. This would be a great option for someone who wants an edgier look and is up for trying new color. I really love that this color looks great with all hair textures!


This trend is sleek, cool-toned, and very futuristic. These icy shades may not work on everyone, but if you can pull it off, I say go for it! Celeste uses frosty blondes to pastel violet tones. This look is edgy, but can also work for every-day looks on the right person. The wonderful educators showed us one example of how this trend can be toned-down for an everyday look. They used a model with light blonde hair that had violet undertones and wrapped and tucked the hair for a simple and polished style which created a futuristic-inspired ‘do that was a little more conservative than some of the other looks from this trend.


The Blaze trend embodies an edgy seductress.¬† With a bold, precise cut and fearless color placement, this hair is sure to be the center of attention. This trend is defined by the high contrasting hues of hot pinks, greys, and the darkest of dark colors. The clothing that fits this collection has lots of geometrical openness and lace. I’m not quite sure I could pull it off myself, but I am loving this fashion fierceness! If you are searching for a new look with a strong impact perhaps the Blaze collection will inspire you.

Runway & Pictures: America’s Beauty Show 2012

In March, stylist from all over the world came to Chicago to attend America’s Beauty Show. This isn’t just any show. This is a hair show with some of the world’s best hair stylists attending: Tabatha Coffey, Nick Arrojo, Kim Vo, and Ken Paves to name a few. It is attending hair shows like this that reminds me why I LOVE this industry and my job so much! There is nothing more inspirational and motivating than seeing the upcoming trends displayed on the runway and taking classes from the best of the best.

Runway at America's Beauty Show

Stylist Erin at America’s Beauty Show
P&G Salon Professionals explain how to create the newest trends in hair!